Get to know Angela, our fifth highlighted employee in our “Getting to Know us at Mobility Supercenter”

Get to know Angela, our fifth highlighted employee in our “Getting to Know us at Mobility Supercenter”  Angela is likely the first person you will talk to when entering our building or calling on the phone in Norfolk.

Q:  Tell me about yourself and your family.

A:  I have a wonderful husband who pushes me to be a better person and appreciate all the little things in life.  We’ve been together over 21 years and married for 17.  I also have a great son, Kyle and an Olde English Bulldog that is 6 and spoiled rotten.

Q:  We know you love work 😊,  but do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

A:  I love summertime the best.  I go to the pool everyday.  I enjoy going to Lake Gaston with my family, baseball games and going to Dover. Any family time really is the best time.

Q:  Great, now let’s actually talk about work.  How long have you worked for Mobility Supercenter?

A:  I have been here for 5 ½ years now.

Q:  What did you do prior to working here?  How did you end up here?

A:  Before I worked at Mobility Supercenter I worked in a nursing home.

Q:  As any job has, I am sure there are some challenges.  What would you say are the biggest challenges in your job?

A:  I think the fact that I can’t help everyone that walks through the door would be the biggest challenge.

Knowing that there are restrictions due to funding or mobility needs that we simply aren’t able to come up with a solution.

Q:  Along with challenges I am sure there are some rewards.  What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A:  The most rewarding aspect would have to be the AMAZING people I have met and the friendships that have come from that.

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