Honda Wheelchair Accessible Van- Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake

We sell Honda Wheelchair Accessible Vans- Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake

There are countless benefits of the Northstar ramp. It’s unique and innovative design slides the ramp underneath the lowered floor minivan instead of folding inside the van. And since the Northstar ramp is now entering it’s 18th year of production, you know it’s a time tested piece of equipment with longevity in the market. How many products have we seen come and go only to be faded out because of a bad design or poor functionality?

Here’s some other noteable features of the VMI Northstar ramp:

Spacious interior

The VMI Northstar conversion offers more interior room than other conversions because there is no ramp inside the van to take up wheelchair maneuverability space.

Low ramp angle

Customers often times have difficulty getting up ramps due to a steep ramp angle. The VMI PowerKneel™ is one reason why the Northstar ramp has one of the best ramp angles in the industry.

Deployment on to curbs

Many are unaware that Northstar ramps can deploy onto curbs, giving more flexibility where parking is a concern. Simply turn off the PowerKneel™ feature and verify the curb is higher than 10” to ensure the ramp clears the curb.


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