Secondary Controls

SECONDARY Controls are all other electro-mechanical functions of the motor vehicle such as lights, wipers, shift, etc.. The “compact flash upgrade” drive of AEVIT 2.0® allows you to load your system with the secondary switch inputs that fit your physical needs. If your needs should change in the future, simply plug in a different compact flash card to access additional secondary switch functions.

A brief explanation of AEVIT 2.0® Secondary Control capabilities in your vehicle is given below:
All vehicle functions other than steering, acceleration, and braking……are called secondary controls.
To fully realize the capability of AEVIT 2.0®, or “by-wire” control systems, many/all of these secondary controls such as ignition/start, wipers, turn signals, hi/lo beams, shifting, park brake, etc., must be operated in a more convenient manner.
This most probably is due to “range of motion” and/or required effort…..or possibly you require multiple, alternative ways of accessing those vehicle functions.

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