Get to know Christie, our second highlighted employee in our “Getting to Know us at Mobility Supercenter”

Get to know Christie, our second highlighted employee in our “Getting to Know us at Mobility Supercenter”, Christie is likely the first person you will talk to when entering our building or calling on the phone.

Q:  Tell me about yourself and your family.

A:  I have a wonderful husband; Mark and this June will be our 11th anniversary.  He is my best friend and supporter.  I also have two children, they are 17 years old and 25 days apart in age (mine and his)!  Don’t forget my dogs, I have 3 Pekingese, Mojo, Suzy and Cali Kissyface!

Q:  We know you love work, but do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

A:  I love reading and getaway trips with my husband.  Our favorite place to go is Hatteras, NC.

Q:  Great, now let’s talk about work.  How long have you worked for Mobility Supercenter?

A:  I have been here for 3 ½ years now.

Q:  What did you do prior to working here?  How did you end up here?

A:  I was an Office Manager in an Auto Dealership and the skills I learned there were a natural fit for working at Mobility Supercenter.

Q:  As any job has, I am sure there are some challenges.  What would you say are the biggest challenges in your job?

A:  I think the fact that I can’t help everyone that walks through the door would be the biggest challenge I have.  Sometimes, unfortunately, there isn’t always a viable solution for everyone.  It could be due to funding or mobility. We try to help each client overcome these obstacles in every way we can, but it’s just not always possible.

Q:  Along with challenges I am sure there are some rewards.  What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A:  I think the relationships I have made along the way with the clients, adopting them as my own, has been the greatest reward.  Clients call just to see how I’m doing and I do the same for them.  This job is different from those I’ve had in the past because clients trust me with their health and mobility.  It is extremely gratifying.

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