Meet Chris Ginther – Master of Service Excellence Senior Mobility Technician at the Richmond Location

Q:  How did you get started in the Mobility Industry?

A:  Well, it was a fluke really, I was working for a dealership in Oregon and the Snap-On tool man came by one day and we were talking.  He told me about a mobility company that was looking for a technician.  I went and interviewed and was hired on the spot.

Q:  How many years ago was that, how long have you been working in the mobility industry?

A:  16 years.

Q:  Was it a big change from working in a car dealership?  I guess what I mean is, if you had to compare them how would you?

A:  There is a difference.  There are different challenges and everyone’s disability is different, so I must get to know the clients and talk with them to find out exactly what they need and how I can make driving easier for them with my installation.

Q:  How are you able to accommodate the range of disabilities to make driving easier?  That sounds like a hard task.

A:  My background in the vehicle industry helped and I have acquired over 30 certifications in the past 16 years.  I’ve been to trainings and schools all over the country.  I think that, paired with 16 years’ experience in the mobility industry, is a lot of what makes me successful.

Q:  What was your hardest certification to obtain or which are you most proud of earning?

A:  Without a doubt, my EMC certification. EMC is a company that makes digital driving devices that allow high level quadriplegics and amputees to drive.  It’s amazing.

Q:  What is your most memorable install/job?

A:  Actually, it was a job here not too long ago.  I had a young, male customer with prosthetic legs.  He didn’t want standard hand controls that are mounted on the side of the steering wheel because they got in the way of his transfer and he simply didn’t like the “look” of them.  I installed a Guido Simplex Ghost Ring, which is an accelerator that is hidden under the steering wheel.  To put it simply, you squeeze the ring and the car accelerates.  He needed a brake too and a MPS brake lever was also installed.  It was my first time installing this type of accelerator and I was nervous for the challenge.  But, they turned out great, the customer was beyond pleased and now I have another skill set in my back pocket that may help another client in the future.

Q:  Okay enough about work, what do you do for fun?

A:   I have a son that will be turning 1 this weekend.  That being said, I don’t have a lot of free time, but I do love to play disc golf when I get the chance.


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