Getting to Know Amanda Todd at Mobility Supercenter at our Murrells Inlet store

Get to know Amanda, our third highlighted employee in our “Getting to Know us at Mobility Supercenter”.  Amanda is likely the first person you will talk to when entering our building or calling on the phone at our Murrell’s Inlet, S.C. location.

Q:  Tell me about yourself and your family.

A:  I have a beautiful 20-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old baby boy.  We also have a cat named Selena and a dog named Gino.  They are both rescue pets and a huge part of our family.  We couldn’t imagine life without them.

Q:  We know you love work, but what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

A:  Well, we live at the beach, so our summer activities certainly include the pool, going to festivals and, of course, going to the beach.  I also love baking, reading and taking bike rides.

Q:  Awesome, you sound busy!  How long have you worked for Mobility Supercenter?

A:  I have worked here coming up on 3 years.

Q:  What did you do prior to working here?  How did you end up at Mobility Supercenter?

A:  Prior to working here I was in collections and vehicle repossessions.  I had some vehicle background, and this seemed to be a nice fit.

Q:  As with any job, I am sure there are challenges.  What would you say the biggest challenges are in your current job?

A:  When someone comes to us to give them help we are not always immediately able to assist them.  Seeing their struggle wants me to be able to meet their needs immediately, but that’s not always possible.  We really must evaluate their needs and some items are custom, which means it takes a bit longer.

Q:  Along with challenges I am sure there are some rewards.  What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A:  I would say that my relationships with my customers.  I have met some of the nicest people and have been able to build friendships with them.   This job allows me to assist people and really make a difference in their lives.  That is different than any job I’ve ever had before, and it makes me feel good.


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