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Harmar Mobility Vehicle Lifts

Universal Scooter Lift

Harmar Universal AL100 Lift

The Harmar Mobility Universal Scooter Lift (Model AL100) from Mobility Supercenter is one of the most popular choices for customers seeking an outside scooter lift.

Fusion Lift

Harmar Fusion AL300 Lift

The Harmar Mobility Fusion Lift (Model AL300) is one of the most convenient and versatile lifts. In fact, it can accommodate many power chairs or scooters with minimal customizations.

2-Axis Inside Lift

Harmar 2-Axis AL425 Lift

The Harmar Mobility 2-Axis Inside Lift (Model AL425) from Mobility Supercenter has an astounding 400 pound lifting capacity. This lift works inside vans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

Hybrid Platform Lift

Harmar Hybrid AL600 Lift

The Harmar Mobility Hybrid Platform Lift (Model AL600) can lift almost all scooters and powerchairs. These lifts work great in many SUV's and small crossover vehicles.

Pickup 225 Speed

Harmar Pickup 225 Speed AL825 Lift

The Harmar Mobility Pickup 225 Lift (Model AL825) from Mobility Supercenter is able to lift small scooters and powerchairs up to 225 pounds. These lifts have a faster cycle time than those with higher weight capacities.


Harmar Tilt-N-Tote AL003 Lift

The Harmar Mobility Tilt-N-Tote Lift (Model AL003) is a lightweight manual wheelchair carrier. These lifts make it much easier to transport a manual wheelchair around Virginia and South Carolina.

Micro Outside Lift

Harmar Micro Outside AL010 Lift

The Harmar Mobility Micro Outside Lift (Model AL010) from Mobility Supercenter is a compact hitch mounted platform. These lifts work great for almost any 3 or 4 wheel scooters.

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