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Residential Wheelchair Ramps

Ramps for your home

Do you need access to your home? Wheelchair access can be obtained by ramps in all forms, modular, portable or threshold. You can lease or purchase modular ramp systems or we can provide permanent ramps to be installed for heights from 12 to 60 inches. You can rent or purchase portable ramps to accommodate heights up to 24 inches. Threshold ramps can be obtained in aluminum or rubber for rises as great as 6 inches that can be easily placed to provide a transition solution between rooms and door entries.

Ramps offered by Mobility Supercenter can be a cost effective way to gain access in and out of your home whether your need is temporary or for extended periods of time.

Is a ramp right for you?

The calculation below is a good tool to determine how much ramp you may need. Many times the height (rise) needed to get into one's home is so great a ramp may not be a good choice. We at the Mobility Supercenter will assist you in determining the RIGHT solution for you and your family. Measure the height of the stairs you need to go up vertically. A good rule of thumb is 1 inch equals 1 foot of ramp (ADA). 42" equal 42 foot of ramp.

Aluminum To Wood Wheelchair Ramp Modular Aluminum Ramp Suitcase Ramp

Why choose portable wheelchair ramps?

Wood Ramps (Pressure Treated)

These are customer specified that we are happy to provide and may be a cost effective solution. They do have limitations such as: high maintenance, permitting, and increase length of time to construct. We would send a Mobility Consultant out to evaluate your needs and can provide multiple options wood, metal or aluminum to help you choose the ramp that is right for you.

Metal Ramps

Composed of Aluminum or Steel Metal ramps can be installed quickly and removed as needed., and do not need to be a permanent solution. Composed of Aluminum or Steel they have many advantages as well as cost. Modular aluminum ramps have a built in anti-slip surface, do not rust, warp, or get hot, nor require maintenance or painting, and can be moved if needed. Powder coated steel ramps are generally less expensive than aluminum but may require future maintenance.

Notable points when considering a modular ramp:

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