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Prism Medical Patient Lifts

Formerly Waverley Glen Lifts


Prism P-300 Patient Lift

The Prism Medical portable P-300 ceiling lift from Mobility Supercenter means that even when caring for someone at home, there is no excuse for lifting or transferring them in a less than safe or undignified manner. The P-300 is the most affordable ceiling lift available and fits most budgets.


Prism P-440 Portable Ceiling Lifts

Unique and innovative, the stylish P-440 from Mobility Supercenter in Virginia and South Carolina stretches the boundaries of portable patient ceiling lifts. The advantages that stem from using a ceiling lift are undeniable and have dramatically reduced the amount of injuries resulting from the handling of patients/residents in both, institutional, and home care settings. The P-440 has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely operated by a single caregiver.

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Prism C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift

Delivering innovation, reliability, along with superior comfort and safety, the C-450 addresses many of the issues that make patient transfer complex or difficult. The C-450 from Mobility Supercenter has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely and easily operated by a single caregiver. Built for a quiet operation, the C-450 provides a smooth and effortless transfer that will safely enhance the working conditions of patients/residents and caregivers.

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Pressure Fit - FST

Pressure Fit - FST

The Pressure Fit System is the newest in temporary ceiling lift solutions (and perfect for rental solutions). Providing the same benefits of a standard ceiling lift, but without the requirement for structure attachment. Its accommodating weight capacity of 440 lb. can handle many unique transfer needs while providing the utmost in safety for both, the patient/resident and the caregiver.

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F-600 Prism Floor Lifts

The Prism Medical F-600 is a lifting aid used by health care professionals to transfer clients. The floor lift makes it possible to move mobility impaired individuals with minimal strain or risk to the caregiver, while providing complete safety, dignity and comfort for the client. The F-600 floor lift is one of two components that make up this technology. The other component, the sling, is a specially designed fabric accessory that attaches to the floor lift by means of a carry bar and straps, and holds an individual while the lift, or transfer takes place.

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Perfect for residential or institutional use, the strong and portable Prism Medical FST-300 from Mobility Supercenter in Virginia and South Carolina is the most affordable Free Standing Track system available. Weighing just 45 lbs. with no component weighing more than 17 lbs., the FST-300's lightweight frame allows for easy assembly.

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