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Driving Aids

The Mobility Supercenter is proud to offer a wide variety of mobility driving aids for those who have limited mobility. If you need simple solutions like hand controls, left foot steering, spinner knob or help with turn and dimmer switches, we can help. Perhaps high tech devices may be needed, we at The Mobility Supercenter can assist you in correct installation of your prescribed equipment allowing our clients the ability to live independently. We also provide driving control items such as reduced and low effort braking and steering options as well as horizontal and foot steering solutions. Finally, steering wheel devices such as steering knobs, tri-pins, v-grip and amputee ring help our customers drive and live independently. So when you need a driving aids think of The Mobility Supercenter. We carry some of the top brands such as EMC/Aevit, MPS, MPD, Sure-Grip, Drive Master, DSI, Creative Controls, Cresent Industries and RainTracker only to name a few.

Hand Controls

Hand Controls

Just about all the wheelchair accessible vans we sell at Mobility Supercenter can have hand controls installed to make controlling the gas and brake possible. Not only that, we can install hand controls for driving with a disability into almost any non-modified vehicle. Our customers love all the vehicle/device combinations we can cater to.

Primary Controls

Primary Vehicle Controls

The Mobility Supercenter has the primary vehicle controls necessary to control the gas, brake, and steering functions. Some of our primary vehicle control options can even be exchanged for more advanced models without any structural modifications to the vehicle.

Secondary Driving Controls

Secondary Driving Controls

Secondary controls for a mobility vehicle control all the non-primary functions necessary to drive. Things like lights, wipers, shifter, or any other electro-mechanical function can be controlled with a secondary driving control.

Steering Wheel Controls

Disabled Steering Wheel Controls

Steering wheel controls make it possible to control the steering wheel despite limited hand dexterity. Amputees and drivers with a spinal cord injury often require special controls like hooks, pins, or many other optional models.

Disability Driving Controls

Disability Driving Controls

Mobility Supercenter in Virginia and South Carolina sells, installs, and services all the additional devices necessary to control a vehicle with a disability. Whether you need reduced effort steering, backup steering, or other assistive driving devices, we can help.

The EZ Lock System

EZ Lock Docking System

The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System easily secures a wheelchair to the vehicle floor; saving you both time and effort. You can also have confidence that the EZ Lock is a tried and true system, with more than two decades of proven performance.

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