Continuing in our series of getting to know us at Mobility Supercenter, Meet Eddie Bolanos from our Charleston Store.

Question:  How long have you worked at Mobility Supercenter?

Answer:  I have been here about 8 months now.

Question:  What work did you do before starting here?

Answer:  I was a court reporting transcript liason.

Question:  How is this job different than you last job or any job you’ve had in the past? 

Answer:  Our location is a smaller one and because of that we all have to wear a lot of different hats and help each other.  It’s important that I understand the different departments and roles because I could be the only one available to help a client if who they need is with someone else or in the middle of an install.

Question:  That must be hard.  Is that the biggest challenge of the job?

Answer:  That is a challenge, but the biggest is probably squeezing in a customer who has an emergency when our schedule is completely booked.  It always seems to work though!

Question:  What do you find are the biggest rewards of working                           at Mobility Supercenter?

Answer:  Being able to help customers overcome their mobility challenges, hands down, is the most rewarding.

Question:  That’s great.  What are some hobbies you have? 

Answer:  I enjoy jogging and road trips.  I have two cats, Tigger and Felix and love visiting family in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


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