VMI’s Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is a top-of-the-line vehicle.

VMI’s Toyota Sienna comes with the Northstar Access360™ in-floor, Summit Access360™ fold-out or Northstar E360™ manual in-floor ramp system. Both of the Access360™ and the E360™ conversions provide the most space of any modified minivan on the market.


The Toyota Northstar® with Access360® is a top-of-the-line wheelchair-accessible minivan. It gives greater access to life through more space, flexibility and ease of use. With a slide-out, in-floor ramp, users get less dirt and debris in the interior and optimal maneuverability for larger power chairs.


More room to turn due to 12”-longer floor

Easy entry for wide power chairs on 30” ramp

Maximum door height for tall wheelchair users

Industry-best headroom via 14.9” dropped floor

High ground clearance to reduce scraping

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