Bruno- AC Residential VPLs Converting to DC Motor

New Wheelchair Lift Motor used in VPL from Bruno!

All low-rise Bruno residential VPL (VPL-3153 and VPL-3175) units shipping on September 1 and after will feature a new 90v DC motor, replacing the current 120v AC motor. The system will still run on AC power and will not function during a power outage but will carry these distinct advantages over the current unit:

• Quicker speed

• Quiet operation

• Smoother start/stop

• Half the AC current draw – making it less expensive to operate

• Higher reliability with additional protective features

• Instantaneous start-up, no delay when you push the rocker switch.

• Internal braking, no need for an independent brake.

• Extensive diagnostic controller LED’s for easier troubleshooting

• More cold-climate friendly

• The new 90v DC motor is only for the low-rise residential VPL-3153 and VPL-3175  (no          change to commercial units or DC residential units)

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